Monday, April 13, 2009


What should I say? Ecstacy? Joy? Or the first taste of recognition. May be whatever it is the fact is to cheer for me myself this is my first BLOG AWARD! Thanks Amritarupa for liking my posts..and my sensation and the passion with which my every words each letters are written..thanks for the recognition and Hey I would surely say that this award would inspire more to write well so that I can go on writing more and more..may be for myself and like such beautiful wonderful readers like you..


Little Girl Lost said...

Congratulations... now you have to beat the standerds that you yourself have set :) keep it coming!
BTW, shudhu eshe award niye gelei hobe? post porte hobe na? amar blog-er last ar third-last post(Insomnia) to tui porli-i na. ekkhuni eshe pore comment de noile award ferot niye nebo kintu :)

Little Girl Lost said...

ar abar, obodharito bhabe, naamer banan bhul.
a m r i t o r u p a

maajhe 'o' ache, 'a' noy.

ShantanuDas said...

I hv not seen ur whole blog.. but the looks seem to tell it is great.. the magenta colour..,THE PHOTOS AT THE TOP!! & ALSO in some of the posts like "Goa with her"....
really makes me agree. with a m r i t o r u p a ..and I will come back again.

ShantanuDas said...

& am now ur follower too!!!!

Annie Wicking said...

Well Done! Subhadip on your award.

I like your new look too.

Best wishes,


deepazartz said...

Just came to look at your blog...seems interesting. Nice pics!
Have a nice day:)

Little Girl Lost said...

shubhadip, thank you for liking the limericks. recently khub problem-e pore gechilam... i was being blog-stalked, and guess what, by none other than shantanu das, the same guy who has commented here. :( maal-tar boyesh 53, bhebe dekh, ar amaar ar amaar bondhu-der orkut e trace kore jaata obscene sexual mails pathiyeche. :(
ei just shobai k warn korlam aar oke block korchi.
please tui oke entertain korish na. lok ta moteo bhalo noy.
shokal shokal mon kharap hoy gelo.

ShantanuDas said...
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