Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Tanga Ride

Well, with the flavour of the first monsoon and the IPL near it's end and Elections over what one can do best in a pure 'adda' with drinks and chips when the rain suddenly decided to make Gurgaon wet, wet enough to look seductive like the sexy girls of Delhi?

Just to listen to a pure love -story and that too true..
This is a story of Praveen, my friend which he told me in our shared room in Gurgaon in a rainy night.
And it one again proves that some moments become immortal.
Praveen, in one October night stepped in the Deoghar station.

In Bengali they call this place as ‘Baidyanath Dham’, a religious place of the hindus. He earlier came also two or three times as his sister’s house is here,her husband is a Doctor here. As he walked out of the station he saw no autos or rickshaws are parked outside and the place looked stunningly empty. Soon he found out the reason. Due to a political turmoil a ‘bandh’ was raised in the town and thus everything were closed. At that moment Praveen thought how would he move to the sister’s house? He haven’t informed them also otherwise Rakesh,her sister’s husband would surely make an arrangement. But now as there is no other option he has to walk.Though the house is not very far it can take a maximum of 30 mins!
He took the luggage and about to walk when he saw a ‘Tanga’. Tanga is nothing but a horse ridden car. He always love to ride that. He rushed towards it but before he could ask the Tangawala, a voice came from behind,
‘Can you drop me near the Temple road?’ It was though said in Hindi.
Praveen turned around.

A street lamp was lighted where he was standing. A gentle night breeze was flowing. And in that light Praveen for once forgot where he was.
A beautiful lady with deep large eyes is standing before him. Her hairs in hands of the winds,her lips calm but eyes in search of an answer.
He found an answer at last.
‘Sure’ he said. Though the temple road is on the opposite direction from where he would go.
The next 15 minutes Praveen sat completely lost. An womanly essence and touch absorbed him at each moment, the undulating roads making them seat much closer to each other, the calm and the strange silence of the night, empty roads, scent of an unknown flower, the Tanga moved on.
Praveen thought about some questiones but he found that his voice is not in a mood of expression. His senses thoroughly lost in that woman.
He hardly recognized when the temple road came.
When the girl is stepping down in front of a large house with garden, she said,
‘Thanks a lot! The train was two hours late and I don’t know that there is a bandh today!’
Moments are running.
Praveen grasped words.
‘It’s fine, can I know your name?’
The girl smiled and Praveen found that the world around him changing colour.
‘Sakshi’ the girl said.
The girl was about to move and so the Tanga when Praveen did the most darest task of his life,he later termed it as his “lifetime achievement”! He said floating a smile in his lips,

‘Sakshi, I will remember this night always and you!’
Sakshi looked at his eyes.
Her lips opened.
But soon closed.
And then she smiled.
A smile which was enough to translate sensations into a most beautiful word ever
And it is as innocent as it bloomed..
That night..
Within the two persons..
Of the Tanga Ride.


Little Girl Lost said...

shubhajit... ami tor shob lekha-i pori. onek din pore likhli. khub shundor laglo. was missing your lyrical prose...

ZiLliOnBiG said...

lovely prose and poetry. Well written. cheers