Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wild Truth

Sometimes I think life is a brilliant wonder..

Sometime a soothing orchestra of wet drops of rain..

Sometime life is all about passing by through a distant whistle of a running train..

Sometime again it is an urge or a nemesis of a break away run..

...........And the run begins from cascading the known from the open world of unknown..and thus

I found myself totally exposed..walking alone beneath the horizon..

As I walk I found myself..

On the pitch coloured road of the vast world..

Following the engraved footsteps and footprints of the millions who have passed

For ages and decades and centenary..

May be the name of this particular road has changed..may be the name itself is a misinterpretation of epigraphed regionalism..

May be the grains of daily struggles of life is itself now a rich history..

May be the pattern of ages has changed the passion of needs..

May be the whole known surroundings has been fragmented into a new..totally new identity..

May be underneath my feet the history remains silent for ever knowing everything..

May be the reason for growth and cause of destruction..

Of each period..each empire..each event..

But as I walk I found out with a shiver..

Beneath my feet the road..the path.. can loose everything ..except..

The wild truth..

The touch of a new man walking on a new road on a new Journey..


rumki maitra said...

i just love reading what u write.there is a depth in ur writing which i admire the most.

SUBHADIP said...

Hi..added a new post is great that you love my writing and there is an intelligent reader who can share my voice and thought about the world I want to create..Let me know..your views..and criticise if I am no Tagore!