Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Words Images and Myself


Some words are never spoken..

Some faces are never known..

Some people never fades out..

Some roads are yet to to be stepped in..

Some places are yet to be explored..

Some nights are sometime special..

Some moments holds uncherished desires..

Sometime one is lonely..very lonely..

Sometimes only one question rings on..rings on..

What I want?

What I want?

What I want?


I saw her standing over the platform..all alone..

A desolate Station of a chilled November midnight

Not a soul anywhere except her..

Has she lost the road or came there anyway?

Has she in wait for someone..her lover coming in the up-train?

Trains came..one up..one down..

No body got down

Neither she got in..

And the train disappeared among the foggy night..

At that moment she turned her eyes

and kept on me..

I shivered!

May be I have seen her earlier, yes I did..

I met her on the stairs of Varanasi on the bank of the Ganges..

Or I met her on a boat in the mid river?

Or is it in the busy streets of Calcutta?

Or in a narrow muddy strip of a remote village?

I don’t know..

I saw her standing..all alone with eyes on me..

I smiled..

May be I have seen her nowhere

May be I have seen her everywhere

As she is nothing but a very simple woman..

On whom I found my piece of love..!

I saw her standing over the platform..all alone....

1 comment:

rumki maitra said...

'Words,Images n Myself' is the perfect one.whatever u have expressed in 'me' is exactly what i even think but cannot express in words....its beautiful n has its own rythm.
'she' reflects the romanticism within u. really beatiful n so expressive.......i really feel u r a born writer , so caary on wid ur dreams......
i wish u all the best in life !!!!!!!