Monday, August 23, 2010

The Call

I have somewhere togo..
I have nowhere to go..

I feel like breaking the shackles and start a run.. for life..
I feel my Journey shifts its course with each shine of an ageless star..

I found the canvas of the known city with sketches of untouched unknown..
I found the world of vanity fair with shades of faces and masks..

I saw the birth of a melancholy disease lying
I saw lying just beside where love opened herself

I saw some wrong letters posted in unknown addresses..
I saw a different language with different expressions unfold..

I found horizon being too small..sometimes..vast ..unique..
I found the boats dwindling in turbulent waters with dimmy yellow lights..

I found still an invitation is there..
And  I am coming..just coming..

I have plenty to offer..yet I have nothing to offer..
I have with me the shadow of past and the dreams of a future..

I am walking along with ..the distance of the night..
I am walking through the known corridors and unknown streets of my beloved city..

Can anyone recognize me?
I have come..I have arrived..!!

1 comment:

rumki maitra said...

speechless...really can't find appropriate words to let u know how i feel. its amazing how u potray urself via words.........just keep writing....