Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Ruins of a Forgotten Temple

I am standing on the ruins of a forgotten temple

The temple has no Goddesses

Only layers of time errected

Like invisible inscriptions

The script, yet to be deciphered

The air around flowing as if trying yet again

To unfold the undeciphered letters of time

All around me

Are engraved

Wonders of time

Stories of unknown people

Who on the brink of being Known again remained unknown

A turn of oblivian towards the annals of closed chapters

As if these forgotten ruins are waiting anxiously

For a Nemesis of time

And as I stood stranded on the

Rocky ground of this broken temple

I found

That within

The fragments

Of historical ruins

Different fragments of me myself

Getting if lost

A beautiful surrender of melancholy moods

I kept standing

Only like the extinct root of the forgotten time and days

Lay the broken shrine ....

Where bloodspots

are still not


1 comment:

rumki maitra said...

its just beautiful......such deep thoughts.....n u still trying to discover urself....presented in a smooth flow.....