Friday, February 18, 2011

Fragments of my Wanderlust mood : A compilation of Poetry

"I can feel the call of that ancient road where still the dusty grains of time whisper in the ears of roaming souls the granduer of the lost road and the urge to discover the traces..of shades of life and its reincarnated fragrance..

Like an homeless Prince with a worldly smile I each day leave the nemesis of uncherished dreams and search flashes of life within the call of the road..a call which from ancient time made me wanderlust..

Along the silence of somewhere an empty boat dwindle in lonely a night train halts in an remote soulless the first touch of dew kiss the eyelids of a pavement the invisible moments change shades within..I old lost words coming back to me and whisper..across the coveted distance..of their rebirth..n my reincarnated poetry..

Sometime as I turn the pages of my poetry.. I found those old faded words offering me still..those sunny mornings..those lonely afternoon..those rainy evenings..those moments of sudden storm..those moonlit night..those first flash of dawn within the wings of night bird..the signs..that I could be noone..yet someone..

I walked through the foggy roads..hazy streets..dew soaked valleys.. rain washed lanes of a nostalgic shades and then I found the invitation written all write some new words..which I wrote and gifted her..through a whisper of love..

By an urge of the first word ever uttered of the primitive the smile of the reincarnated the dreams of a lost the walk along the lost harbour.. I found somewhere those unspoken words..untouched is is time I should her..of love..

Back to the I walked from a life which offered me both sides of a coin..I faced it..with visible smile and invisible pain..and then walked if with a wish of a river..urge of lost words..touch of the sea waves..dreams of an traveller..the silence of the the simple road..along the moonlit tracks..and an air of a distant whistle..of a call..a call..

I gathered..the kiss of wind..the wandering drops of rain..the first touch of fallen leaf..the dew soaked eyes..the silence of the winter night..the song of a lost Baul along the red soil..the shadow by the river..the trembling lips..the warmth of words..the whisper of poetry..for you..for you....

I walked down the hills and came to a lonely station..covered with misty fog..a dimmy light on the shaded platform..a half slept stationmaster..the brushing wind..far across I could see the fragmented an untouched fantasy..the shadows of past lingered if this is indeed heaven..but at that time came the whistle of train and I stepped life..

The promises made beneath the canopy of ageless star..the sleepless words born in the scent of midnight..the full moon over the garaged rickshaw..the brilliant laughter of the four youths along the foggy empty streets..the shadows under the streetlamps...and the dew soaked flight of the night birds..I saw all..I felt all..I wrote poetry of moments..

The unknown words of the Persian frescoes.. on the Ashokan Pillars..the words of postures of fabled art of the shady caves..of the rock cut sculptures..the words..the hymns of the white bearded priest in a ruined much I uttered n I unuttered don't know..but I a rythm of light and and death..I searched myself within..being lost and found....

The misty fog..moonlit valley..the mirage of a desert..the last passanger of the last train..lost footsteps..the shadows of an empty busstop..the Sarenga player of the Rajasthani Bhopas..the songs of Tagore..the smell of the dew soaked nightbirds..the eyes of the reincarnated monk..the whistle of a night train..all came along the shades of night and kissed my dreams and I surrendered my words..

I found those invisible words..written on the ancient gateways..uttered from the lips of the greatest monk..lost within the faded paintings of the abandoned caves..within the dagger of the silent sword..within the mediaval fragrance of the moonlit Taj..within the dance steps of the forgotten temple girls..within the shadow of the lost days in the mirror of the hilly river..

I walked along the silence of the night and found the moonlit ancient roads calling me like a light of an ageless star of horizon..a call which once made a Prince a monk..a call which make a confined soul out in the fresh air..a call which make a lonely traveller wander thru the ruins..a call which make a poet create words..for a poetry named life..

I found her on the thatched beach huts of coconut trees..thru the sacred chants of the Church..thru the arch shaped highway down town..thru the evening bar b que along the a sip of wine in the white some lost Mahals of a Rajasthani the twilight of the frescos of lost caves..and in the mediaval fragrance of a wrecked inscriptions..searching me.. My love..

A call of a distant place still I unvisited but through the signs of dream it offers a paradox of thoughts..the golden sand..a light house..the sea waves like a flash of white garlands..the bell of a night dinner along the beach huts..those dancing shadow of a couple..n the old boat man by the wrecked boat..with a wrinkled face n innocent if the face of God..

As I roam thru the lost city..I found a touch of a woman on my hand..who for ages loved me..who made me write for her always..who among the ruins portray our love as the greatest beauty of her eyes I found those words which thousands desire to tell but still yet unuttered..n I found my journey across the fragments of time with my beautiful wife!!

Far across the river I walked and saw..a canoe floating.. night air flowing brushing the smell of the lost ruins..the crecent shaped moon wandering at the wretched watch tower n there a mile away a lonely station sleeping..with a remote solitude..I wonder..if this silence is heaven n if not then how much distance left..of still unwritten words..

When I am alone with the midnight thoughts..the hazy street lamps..the departing last train..the call of the ancient roads..the wrecked dockyard..the moon kissed ruins..I walk if in dream..soak in words..

As if by nemesis of ancient roads I am still wandering within the desolate lanes of an forgotten empire..n the unforgottable cave pick up those unuttered unwritten be written in words..

Sometimes I feel that my journey of life is like an wanderlust monk who walk n walk..diminishes the distances n shades of day night n search smiles within the unknown cities n when alone create letters..of a different life..with love..

When i find myself alone in the silence of the night..I feel there exists an intimate relation between me n this very is by words..sheer words I can someday describe a journey of man again n again..being lost n found..

I listened laughter..I listened cries..I touched dew drops..I touched twilight..I shared the silence of night..I shared my just written words..

Within my two hands I can create a heaven through words and gift her who a long ago hold my hand in a busy coffee house in an golden evening..i can not make life worst but only beautiful for her..

As evening kissed the banks of the river here..somewhere again night is ready to kiss the all the windows are getting slowly shut.. somewhere doors are now wide open..somewhere silent tears..and somewhere a flash of magic smile on soft lips..

Sometime rain comes with the fragrance of early birth..sometime I search the lost river..sometime I feel like touching the wet wind..sometime I stand over the bridge and saw love and hatred lying aside..along the silence of the night n moon..

I saw heaven just a miles away but I came back as the earth called me with its midnight tears..lonely moonlight..the scent of of a lonely Baul..the first drop of rain..n the mystery of her eyes..

I crossed the distance of the night..the whistle of a nightbird..the dimmy light of a lonely station..the figure of a walking man in his own moods..and the return of a forgotten song like silent tears in a midnight of rain..

As if walking along the river side..along the parallel rail tracks and a distant wooden bridge..I saw night waiting on the other side as at my end..evening slowly wither away..a wind soaked in rain greets whisper of silence..

It is a strange feeling to be back in the known roads..may be all wd be same..or different..but may be I would be a bit changed man who will step on the known path with a bit more confidence and fear of loosing I saw the opposite side of the coin.. named life..

As I crossed another day..the floating white clouds of the midnight..the distant whistle of a train..the fragrance of a new dawn..reminds..that I have to walk on..till that snowcapped summit..where may or may not I can step my foot one day..but I wd cross the distance between.."

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