Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Midnight Whisper

Within the coveted roads I found the shadow of moments..

I found the surrender of uncherished desires..

I found the translation of dreams through the lost nostalgia of hypnotic rememberance..

I found the twinkling of some invisible bells..

I found the solo cry of the night bird yet in a bewildered moment of dew soaked wings.,

I found the lonely farmer with heaps of corn walking with a blink of shared unworldliness..

I found the village women with half flying veils..

I found through the paddy field the gili danda of the naked children..

I found the steam of a factory covering the horizon and the sunset..
I found the lonely temple on the top of a lonely plateau..
I found the wrecked lamppost beside a thatched hut..
I found the half exposed moon from the blanket of white layer..
I found the offerings of those remote stations..
I found the dense fog overlapping me with all its touch..
And like a man...reincarnated..
Found through the dense fog..
Different images of myself..
Like a flash of eternity..
Like a touch of the dust..
Like a kiss of Life..

Like a trembling truth of the mysticism..
And a nemesis of a deep rooted emotion..
Through the whistle of the train..
Through the freezing cold of the midnight..
Through the lively sketches of a full fledged life..
At a junction of a Station..

I waited..
Lost and Found..
Wet and Warm..
Shades and Shadows..
Of a conversation
Between me and my inner soul..
Through letters and words..
Of yet not said..of yet untouched..unshared..unexpressed..
Through the Midnight Whisper..
Of The Last traveller of the Last Train!

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