Friday, March 11, 2011


Sunil Gangopadhay wrote once about Kritwibas in his briiliant poem..

"....I found you within my adoloscence and youth..

within those daily morning and midnights....

Within all the chaos I can

trace..the invisible string..

I gave you the fragmented news of the paper and the monthly salary of Private Tution..I gave you my every drop of perspiration..

..Those irrelevant roamings of block and advertisement..

I gave you the heart beats of those young Poets..and their torn buttonless shirt..

I can still remember those College bunked afternoons..those hours when we kept seated in that old Press of Mohan Bagan lane for hours and hours..

....The pressowner with smile uttering' Don't smoke so much Charminar would smell like burning deadbodies!'

....In those days we often go to the Burning Ghat..

the Lightning Sarat..the mesmerising Shakti..and that dance of Sandipan..that dancing legs and the twist of eyes!....

Samarendra and Tarapada played hide and seek..and the open laughter of Utpal..

that shivered on the banks of the river..the rush of water..the sky covered in red dust of the red soil..

....The ten horizons trembled at the moment..

and then..and then..we singing our own personal national songs..marched on..walked on through the a different lostworld of eternity..

perhaps to be lost and found again..again!

(Translated from original Bengali poem 'Kritwibas'.)



Niraj Vidyarthi said...

Mind Blowing!!!

rumki maitra said...

its beautiful.............m speechless..........thank u so much for the english translation....if u cd post some more translations of such beautiful poetry......