Monday, March 14, 2011

The Quest

..I am still in search of that river..

That river beside which I found the first touch of words..

In a shiver of concious reincarnation..

I still remember that very night..that night of honeysoaked moonlight..

Those passing flock of clouds in an air of fantacised butterflies..

Some unnoticed journey of whims..some whisper of blushing sounds..

..The moments of surrender when I dare to..

Dream within dreams..within dreams..

Touch..within touch..

And words..within words..within..within..

It was the night when I felt myself unknown..and

May have uttered meaningless words..

Or really the first meaningful words in life..

As a silent transformation was there..

A Silent take over of solitude and eternal romance..

....Then after a tired journey of crossed roads..

For days..for months..for years..

I am standing here..

..It is time to find her..

The river again..

Alone with the river..

It is is time..

Inspite of all the lustrous calls..of the broken world..broken images..

I for once..

Started walking..

For the quest of the river..

And then walked down on a completely wrong path..

Wrong path..

To meet..

Myself..once again!



Anonymous said...

hey Subhadeep, I m a fellow poet...yesterday I had this amazing debate with a journo, according to him, we amateur writers were a "rung lower" than professional I wish he could have seen ur's ur language and flow of thought...well done.. :)

Reflections... said...

Hey thank u for "Following me"....dakho tht's y I like my fellow bloggers...keu "following me" maaneta in real sense bhujbe na.. :).... I'll send u a mail jeta another fellow blogger had sent me...amader blog ta jate aaro lokeder kache pouchoe shei keep writing and keep posting...take care.."amateur writers zindabaad" !!! :)