Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Lady with her clothes off....

I am walking through a large empty lush green field
A Silent night like a lost visitor spreading itself
The wind in its whims passing over the grains of ripe rice
Air inviting in a mood of wonderers
Still silence reigns
Still the world waits
The moonlight now exposed totally
As there is no more cloud cover
And the moon shining in an aura of womanly essence
As if her clothes are off
And there her beautiful naked breasts looking blue
Winds slowly touching the nipples almost in a rhythm of a song
I crossed the field
And looked back
The field now looking blue
Winds breaking away the swarms of fog
Dew drops kissed the tip of the ground
I walked again
I turned again
I left her..
The gorgeous naked lady..
All alone
Like a lost Worshipper!

1 comment:

Whitelighter said...

nice creative work in almost all your posts.
Surprisingly wonderful allegory in this poem.