Friday, November 7, 2008

A Song of a Couple in Goa

Its been a story of a long time ago..
When a boy meets girl beneath sky coloured indigo..

There are traces of gold and silver
They are bound to be in that four letter wonder

For now its a story of three months and a bit more
Oh Lets the curtain rise and on to the galore....


As you smile in a bright sunny day and as the winds blow unhurt
The hostess signals 'The flight is ready to depart!'

As your face brightens and eyelids open and shine
I realize that we are slowly now in the cloud nine

Your strings of hair flows as if in a bit of sigh
A flock of clouds gently pass as if to greet us 'Hi!'

I looked I stared I talked I laughed
Its moments of sunlights immortalised

The bright orange kurta and the skinny jeans
I touched you to feel it is real and no dreams

Through food music and hostesses to adore
Kingfisher and Spicejet brings us to the shore

The shores of blue sky and golden sands
Where party begins and romance lands

I touched your hand and lifted it in mine
Your face bears nothing but a bridal shine

As we slowly steps down a breezy wind washed us in sway
I whispered 'Bride Welcome to Goa! Ahoy!'

Its Love.. when you kept your beautiful eyes on me through the evening sun
And a bunch of seagulls flies along with a speedboat run

Its love..when you touch me with your soft flowery fingers
Evening dawns as a saga of romance lingers

Its love..when you put your feet on sandgrains and move on
Your green skirt in full flow as if a maiden in a song..

Its love..when the first touch of sea kindles over your naked feet
The same touch the same wave Oh baby as if paradise lies in our feet beneath..

Its love when you open your hands below the limitless sky..
I felt like I am the king..Queen shall we fly?

Its love..when the beachlight decorates carelessly your heavenly neckline
Oh! Dont'mind I want to kiss you deep lady just there the silky line..

Its love..when you slowly dances your feet through the sea and cruise goes on
I hold you..your breath kissing me and your curves in my body.. sloping on..

Its love..when your eyes says me silently your joys beyond all strife
Oh Baby its a feeling with which I can spend thousand life

Its you watched the garlands of Goa by the Mandavi river
I touched you again far from the maddening crowd as I found we shiver

Its love..when we shop mixed in the crowd of foreigner
But still you are the one my gorgeous sexy beautiful lover

Its love..when your eyes lit seeing a Lighted Church over the Highways
I fall in love with you again and would be always

Its love..when you in your crispy lips drank a toast of wine
I kissed you I hugged you and then its time to dine

Its love..when we relax at the poolside and winds blow through the green leaves
You kept your head on my shoulder..a lyrics of kiss of breathes..

Its love..when you hold me and dipped in sea and hugged me totally wet
Its love of holding a friend who from years for me await

Its love..when you say nothing at all and I looked at you
I realize that my everything is meant for you

Its love..when in night you invite me with your rosy lips and open dreams
You made me a complete man.. lady with touches of indescribable rythyms..

Thus the song goes on
And on..
A wonderful journey of a simple man
And the most beautiful woman
We hoped..we won
We aspired..we won
We dreamt..we won..
We cried..we won..

Through the sizzling sea and the cool winds
As the night midnight dawn swings
We loved..
We loved..
Thus from shores to bed
Words often said and not said..
Waves came again
Waves.. again and again..

So the story is this far
Maybe another story some day other

Maybe not in the seashore may be in some other soil
Maybe a story near a village of red soil

But for now readers you can close your eyes or bliss
As now it time for us to kiss
Oh Baby..what a deep Kiss!



Book Bird Dog said...

I love it that you write poetry while being a computer person.

A suggestion - a larger font size/print would make it easier to read your interesting stories and poems.

I like the pictures of different parts of India.

Laura Jayne said...

You write with such lovely imagery. A beautiful use of words.

R.K.YADAV said...

Hey u seem to be intoxicated in love.Let you be high and tipsy as you find few and rare like you these days.