Monday, November 17, 2008

A Question along the Beach

There she is.
As the wondering clouds slowly exposed the moon,as the sandy winds embarked on a high note, as the coconut trees signals towards the elapsing away of the silent fog..
There she is.

I am standing in the verandah. It is almost one the morning. And from this scarce distance also I can see her through the steamy fog which is decreasing now bit by bit.
The town behind me is sleeping, only some street dogs waving their tail and looking for some scattered food in the empty road. Just opposite me the light of the hotel still twinkling, maybe somebody has forgotten to put it off, from a distant a sound of a fading roaring bike came..
I put my eyes in front.
She is standing again by the sea.
With that same unmindfulness, a lostness in her whole appearance.
I came to Goa, three days ago and for the last two nights I saw her coming at this dead night and standing and walking there calmly.
Who is she?
Though the question is totally meaningless and I have no right to ask it.
But as a human being when I see a woman coming everyday at the same time and standing at the beach with such lostness my sensitivity rises and makes me curious?
For three days I found the woman on the beach but could not say anything .
But tomorrow I need to ask her.
I have to.
Why this lady comes to the sea every night at this hour?
I waited for morning, then evening and then night came.
But today she did not came.
Night passed. Midnight came and got ripe. Then faint light of the dawn started removing traces of darkness.
Next night she never came also.
And so the next day.
She never came.
Thus she became a mystery to me forever.
Along the beach at Calangute this lost woman is never seen again but she with all her paradoxes and beauty remained to me as one of the brightest and interesting moment and character of Goa.
Not just a woman.
A Silent wonderer.
Or may be lost lover!
Or may be she is just a simple woman who came at the beach for three days only in her is me who fantacise her and may be tried to find within her ..
My woman of Love!


Inkpot said...

I like the sentiment of this piece but it was hard to read because the tenses changed a few times in each paragraph, there were linking words missing and some of the words were used in the incorrect context - such as dogs 'waiving' their tails when it should have been 'waving'.
I understand that English may not be your first language and I really admire people who create stories in another language to their own. I would advise a little more work on the basics, however, because your ideas are getting lost in the execution.

The Dude said...

nice blog, nice piece..
from one writer to another, cheers..