Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Guy in Gurgaon!

It was around six in the morning when I jumped off my sleep.
Somebody is knocking at my door.
Sandeep was off that day, as it was Saturday, he goes home during the weekend to Delhi, So I have to open the door.
I got really surprised as I saw Neeraj was standing there.
Seeing me he said, ‘Aj ka Times kya tum le ke aaya?’
I nodded, I was hardly in senses from sleep.
Neeraj smiled and said, ‘Sala Bips ka ak mast picture aaya hai lekin subha subha koi mar diya!’
I said him to look upstairs.
He said he would but again reminded me to search for it.
‘Badiya snap tha yaar..uska item..’ he was shaping in his hands the unmentionables.
I smiled and came back to bed.(Truly speaking feeling a bit bad that I missed the snap of Bips!)

Neeraj is one of the first friend with whom I got close in that house.Around 40 guys live there in three floors and he is the most witty and helpful.
He is from Kulu, and he said me that his father runs a hotel there. He is bulky , fair complexion and just love to drink milk. Everyday after coming back from office he used to drink three glasses of milk and then run to park for walk shouting, ‘Are yaar mera weight bar gaya!’Moreover he is helpful too. Whenever any one runs out of money he gives him but later on he himself lend money from others..he is a moody guy..going in impulses so one day he buys an expensive Nseries , another day he treates all the guys sweets and lassi just because he feels like! If any body asks him he will say,
‘Yunhi! Are yaar khana hai to khao nehi to jao!’

Then there is Sanjeev , a typical corporate guy with golden specs and sharp features, originally from Jaipur. Then there is Rocky, a Kanpur boy who shouts too much and stammer a bit and mad about cricket. It is mainly because for his initiative that we formed a team and in weekend played cricket in the park and it is a 10-10 game.He was a great fielder and bowler. Then Satya was there, my project guy, a very sweet natured soft-spoken calm responsible guy from Hyderabad ,Pankaj a Mumbai boy who is basically had a crack in mind who do everything in whims.

Power off is very frequent in Gurgaon.

And in those type of evenings we come out of the house and sat in the bench.
We spoke of everything..sports, politics, weather, money, career plans and obviously sex.
Its been an ‘adda’ (gathering) of unique nature where I found that real picture of India through the young eyes comes out. And some sort of Indianness prevails there as in the group South Indian, Punjabi, Bihari, Bengali….all are present.

And gradually as the moonlight soaked the park.. everything start looking whitish..as some lost birds found the nest.. as from the Highway sounds of cars came smoothly..as the clouds in sky starts floating in sky ..as the winds blow with a fragrance of an unknown flower..six guys start saying to each other their pains almost not as sharing but much more than that to have a better understanding of the pains..thus Nikhil slowly says about his old mother lying alone in a village near Panipath where still electricity has not reached..Neeraj spoke about his pain of his lost first love..Sanjeev who has the responsibility of three sisters and how in childhood he has seen his mother fetching water from digging in sand when they used to live in remote village..I spoke of my lost father..
And then comes the plans..and the resolutions about how this particular job is important for our life and family….it was not only individual dreams but it was really six guys trying to live their life in the best way they can..and with their heads high..and thus changing through them not only themselves..not only their family..but also their past..
And when we all got serious and all got quiet and it was Neeraj who will break it by saying.. ‘Bandelog..ab to rok..ab to hum ro denge sale!’

This is life in Gurgaon.

A bit of loneliness.

A bit of work.

A bit of pain.

But a lot of entertainment.

And then a wait for the call.

As night comes it is just this call for which I wait.

The call from her.

To whom in night I can surrender myself completely.

Its her.

My love.


SearchingSoul said...

Hi Subhadip,

Your latest post is showing your ever increasing inspiration and ideas in writing. Keep it up and keep it going.

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Annie Wicking said...

Happy New Year, Subhadip

I enjoyed reading your posting. You have opened our eyes into your world.

It's very interesting to see your world through your eyes.

best wishes and I look forward to reading more.