Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Undeciphered Themes

Sometimes I feel that I am somewhat lost..

Sometimes I feel that I have somewhere else to go..

Sometimes I depict life beyond Sensex drop and Mumbai Terror..

Sometimes I welcome with open eyes the festive spirit of a silent winter..

Sometimes I worship words that are yet not written..

Sometimes I measure the distance of my untouched dreams..

Sometimes I want to create a different world..

Sometimes I walk like a tired traveller under a shaded tree..

Sometimes I search my woman beyond sex..

Sometimes I think life can be different..

Sometimes after midnight I slowly come to the window and look at the rising stars..

Sometimes I try to smell the night..

Sometimes I close my eyes and feel like crying..

Sometimes then really I slowly utter the decorated words..

Sometimes I think when I really can really can….

Sometimes when I will decipher the Undeciphered themes of my life..!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I am late lol....
These words speak a lot really...they speak of lost reasons...of human instinct, wonderful...

Annie Wicking said...

Hi Subhadip, Great poem! Lots of feeling and thoughts there.

I'm so pleased you like your Christmas gift.. If you go back to my blog and read the comment I have left you. I hope you can follw the instructions I have left for you to collect your own writing cave dragon.

Have a merry Christmas my dear friend.


SearchingSoul said...

Very touching poem. It reveals the inner voice of someone who wants to express more than what he can say. Keep cultivating your talent.

Hope to see you again visit my blog.