Friday, December 5, 2008

Life through the Lenses

The most mysterious gift of time. And I love to frame these moments. Sometimes I looked at wonder at my handycam.

Though I am not a professional photographer it is one of my secret obsession, how the camera should be held, at what angles, the source from which the snaps would be taken,the distance and the thing that needed to be caught, all these I love to know and use that while I am busy in shoots.
I believe everything should be pure and perfect before dare to capture a priceless
moment of time through lenses.
I always roam with the handycam in holidays, and like to hop through the city and outside for subjects.

Thus a lonely farmer sowing crops..a naked child in the lights of the multiplex..a woman breasting her child on the roadside,as in the backyard people celebrates, ‘Woman’s Day’..a boy crossing signals in random with buckets of tea in his hand..a hawker throwing newspaper in dustbin….the headlight of the rain in a rainy dark night as the wet rail lines old Majhi jumping in the river with a broad smile in his teethless face..a coolie in station trying to catch the railing of a sleeper class of a running train..a small girl drinking water from a pond, a dog staring at her..a Sherpa beneath the Himalayas pointing with a smile towards Mt.Everest in old man facing walls in a blind lane in North Kolkata and searching for his lost stick..a potter making a face of a goddesses..a boy with an innocent smile looking at the first arrival of Idol Durga in a pandal..the scenes of Dusshera..the scenes of a group of local guys dancing with glasses of ‘Siddhi’(milkwater) in their hand..a girl in white salwar washed in colours, in a day of Holi,her face full of evening of afternoon of torrential rain flooding Kolkata..within the dark clouds over the Maidan and the cascades of the blowing leaves,the towering angel of the Victoria Memorial looming high..
all subjects of neglected moments..
all that of no importance assuming in reality a gift of nature..
pictures that shows..
how ordinary people in ordinary moments can make life special.


Annie Wicking said...

Hi Subhadip,

Your writing is wonderful and you can create such amazing pictures in your reader's mind.

You are lucky to be able to just take pictures of anyone you like. In my country you have to ask picture if you can take their pictures. You can't take pictures of children. People get very worried about such things nowadays so to be able to capture natural shots is very difficult here. You can take photographs of crowds, family and friends.

I saw your posting about getting your work published and wonder whether you've looked into writing for local magazines and newpapers. In my country we have three writing directroies which lists all the different publishers, agents, magazines and newspapers in England you can send your work to. Find out online or at your local library if there is such a thing in your country.

I hope this is of some help and good luck.

Best wishes & ((Hug))


David said...

As ever, good writing. To create pictures in the mind that live beyond the moment the reader stops reading is a power.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've just been reading yours.
Your English is excellent. I know for a fact that I would really strugglr trying to grasp a foreign language.
I like photography too and am in the middle of making another slideshow.
I love looking at other people's photography.

SearchingSoul said...

I am also interested in photography and I dream of investing in a good camera to replace my "point and shoot" Cybershot. As I meet more and more people who are in the same interest, I learned one profound truth: It's not only the camera that makes a good picture but the person who takes it. He has to have the "eye" to know what is a good picture. I was told by a mentor that a picture is like a painting canvas where you would compose your subject and put it in one frame.

I know you have the "eye" aside from have the gift for writing. Pursue your interest and you will never go wrong.

Carla said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I too like taking pictures. They can state so much, sometimes even more that we could say with words.